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Electronic pedometers and podiatry | Amcube | France

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€2,390 including tax*

new software on mac

Footwork edition


sur tout le catalogue de matériel AMCUBE

Footlyser L neo, podiatrist pressure platform, baropodometry platform, AMCUBE
Footlyser M neo, podiatrist pressure platform, baropodometry platform, AMCUBE
FOOTLYSER S, baropodometry platform, AMCUBE

No annual recalibration by the manufacturer is necessary

Extra-flat platform, very thin and without cover

Manufacturing and After-Sales Service

In France

the only Mac and PC compatible platform

On the entire FOOT LYSER neo range but also...

* To be installed under FOOTWORK EDITION or FOOTWORK PRO software

Fond blanc

A commitment of more than 25 years

Electronic pedometers, footprinter, podoscan, sensor insoles, practice management software guaranteed for 3 years
electronic pedometers require no re-calibration
electronic pedometers telephone assistance at no extra cost




electronic pedometers Made in France


All our equipment is guaranteed for 3 years "parts and labor"

Thanks to our capacitive sensors, our electronic pedometers require no re-calibration. 

Benefit from telephone assistance in France, available at no extra cost.

All the equipment is made in France with 100% French materials.


A concentrate of technologies at the service of podiatry

Footlyser S néo, plateforme de pression, baropodométrie, AMCUBE, podologie
Footlyser M néo, plateforme de pression, baropodométrie, AMCUBE, podologie
Footlyser L néo, plateforme de pression, baropodométrie, AMCUBE, podologie
Footwork néo, plateforme de pression, baropodométrie, AMCUBE, podologie
Footlyser S néo, analyse statique,plateforme de pression, baropodométrie, AMCUBE, podologie
Footwork PRO néo, plateforme de pression, baropodométrie, AMCUBE, podologie
PODOSCAN 3, scanner 2D, format A3, AMCUBE, podologie
Empreinteur thermoexpert POUSSOU, thermoformage, AMCUBE, podologie
Footwork Insoles, semelles à capteurs, AMCUBE, podologie

CE standard

The FOOTWORK neo, FOOTWORK PRO neo, FOOTLYSER S neo, FOOTLYSER M neo, FOOTLYSER L neo platforms have the CE standard “Medical device, class 1”

A propos


For more than 20 years, AMCUBE has been the undisputed leader in the design of electronic pedometers and software solutions for podiatry practices.


AMCUBE is a French company whose entire capital is held by its managers. Development and production are entirely carried out in France.


Founded in 1995 by a podiatrist, AMCUBE was a pioneer in computer science and digital imaging in podiatry. Thanks to its expertise, the company has always been in tune with the reality of the profession. A strength that has allowed AMCUBE to always focus on the expectations of chiropodists and other actors in the profession.


AMCUBE has always had at heart to offer irreproachable products and services: exceptional equipment, exemplary after-sales service, 100% podiatrist software.


If AMCUBE is a reference on the market, it is also because the company has placed product innovation at the heart of its development. A choice that ensures the quality and reliability that we have known for all these years.

Our history

Founded in 1995 by an experienced podiatrist, AMCUBE is the pioneer of computers and digital images in podiatry.

The experience of podiatrist allowed to be located in the heart of the profession and to know as well as possible the expectations of the professionals.

In 1995 AMCUBE was the first to associate the digital image with the patient file of its clinical management software PODOSOFT thanks to the PODOSCAN device, designed AMCUBE and allowing to digitize a plantar impression in real size for the manufacture of plantar orthotics.

As resistive sensor system technology becomes obsolete and inefficient, AMCUBE  decides to be designers and manufacturers of electronic measurement systems with capacitive sensors.


The company combines its skills with those of electronic and computer engineers, with research units on a European scale to produce the FOOTWORK electronic pedometers  and FOOTWORK PRO , then the flexible sensor soles, which required several years of research and development.


The development of pressure measurement systems based on capacitive sensors whose very advanced and extremely reliable technology have made it possible to obtain real measurement circuits with exceptional performance, acclaimed by thousands of users both in France and 'internationally.


The FOOTWALK PRO electronic walking track with its 16,384 capacitive sensors and a length of 2 meters is one of the largest walking tracks in the world. She was acclaimed by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense for her research on the sensitivity of soldiers' walking in a minefield.

At the same time, in collaboration with Alain POUSSOU in 2012, the first designer of the thermoforming machine, known and recognized throughout the world, AM CUBE is developing a new automated thermoforming machine POUSSOU THERMO-EXPERT.

AMCUBE  are therefore at the top of the pyramid of providers of clinical management software and electronic pedometers.  AM CUBE  has thus been recognized, by a study by the Italian Ministry of Health, as the leader in the world market.

In 2019, AMCUBE innovates again and markets the first range of pressure platforms with FOOTLYSER capacitive sensors. Innovative, the FOOTLYSER platforms. S and M have low-profile ergonomics and have electronic  advanced on-board. The aim is to ensure clinically reliable foot and step analyzes by promoting "natural" walking on the baropodometry platform.

AMCUBE continues its Research & Development efforts by continuing its work on soles with flexible sensors. The insoles with capacitive sensors, marketed on the European and world market alone represent eleven years of research and development and are a real revolution in the research of the flexible capacitive sensor patented in January 2013.



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